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in the words of a familiar artist...and then some.

"starting out, I'm starting over."

can you really remember 4 years ago?  can you remember fireworks & swears & long walks & hot nights & drugs & car rides & safe havens & beating hearts & swings & backyards & freedom & betrayal & forgiveness & everything connected to 16-year-olds' brain waves?
I barely remember.
and I hardly remember counting letters & visits & I'm sorry's.
but they've been replaced.  with textbooks & hello's & goodbye's & class times & short walks & cold nights & falling asleep on my own & expensive thrills & everything connected to a 20-year-olds' brain waves.
I've counted the days & years & awkward unspoken I'm sorry's.

should have said never mind.

call me, I'll probably answer.  because it's four whole years and I forgot and nothing means as much in this brain as it did 4 years ago.  what is our Youth if it isn't a time to waste away & Like with all your heart and fall asleep dreaming?
& this is Youth's hope that Like lasts for ever.  ---> "I just hope in the years to come, as we grow apart, nothing will keep us apart, either in mind, body, or soul, you are always going to be with me where ever I go."

We all will carry pieces.  Fact.  

If you're too old to realize that, grow down a bit.

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