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this place is inconvenient.

I haven't had time to breath in a few weeks.  & sure, work will start slowing down, but then school will pick up.  & I'm going to take a lot of vacations.
But all this time I haven't had time to see or talk to anyone but kasi basically because we work together & breath together & no one else makes any sense when they talk anymore  That always kind of hurts a little bit.  but it's a struggle for me to keep in touch with people & it's starting to feel a whole lot like beating a very old, very dead horse.
anyway, I went to my first country concert this week & I absolutely loved it.  because it was passionate & honest & just perfect.
Tomorrow is my only day off & I have to clean and pack and make a budget and do a million things all in one day.  Oh, and try and see my mother for longer than 34 seconds.  OH, and call my father & let him know that I'm really craving a daddyburger.
I need to buy Ben harper tickets.  & Ryan adams tickets.  I'm sorry --- concerts, it's what I do.  I work them, I attend them.  I kind of breath them.
anyway --- quote of the night from a stranger heading down lane 1 --- "by night we'll be lovers, & by morning we'll be friends again."  I thought it was kind of perfect in a twisted way.
I keep forgetting I don't have to try that hard for hardly anything involving feelings & human beings.

ps. I just decided the first thing I'm going to do for myself when I get back to school [and get some time] is make a large poster version of "thingsthatmakemehappy."  It's the game I play where I fill up a sheet of paper with things that make me breath.  It's exhilarating.
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true story about nobody else making sense.